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Training problems for U.S. teaching Iraqi army


Aug 18, 2015
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Because problems happens. Or because Iraqi are not cooperative. There's mainly four problems disclosed in a report by a watchdog. Two other problems of the training program laid by the U.S. Army was kept classified, and so can't be explained here.

After the ISIS problem, the training program started in October, 2014, with a budget of $1.6 billion to train 12 Iraqi brigades. Normally, only $316.8 millions has been spent yet.

The living condition is the first problem. Some were without operational water, meanwhile housing made for two-four soldiers was used by 14 soldiers in reality. The report blames the inappropriate funding from the Iraq's government. As well, some had to get the food on their own.

The supply warehouses couldn't have accurate inventory because Iraqi didn't let enter U.S. troops doing the inventory. It raised up some questions, like if Iraqi forces wasn't giving some equipments to non-sponsored local forces.

Another problem is the communication problem, because no one was fully informed, to help to train the Iraqi soldiers, and meanwhile they knew the current mission, they weren't aware of any future operation.

Finally, some equipment was incomplete. The supply chain is basically broken, mainly because of the lack of quality assurance and the inventories problem explained earlier.

The full report: