Turkey sees it's chance to take out the Kurdish separatists

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Jun 23, 2015
New Zealand
I must admit it is very cunning. Turkey knows the international community desperately wants their help in fighting ISIS, or at least Turkey not being the main doorway through which money and recruits flood into ISIL.

And with the recent suicide bombing Turkish public support to oppose ISIL has firmed up.

Turkey 'identifies Suruc suicide bombing suspect' - Al Jazeera English

So now the Turkish government are saying, sure we will help with that but it is directly tied to dealing with the Kurdish separatists. You have to give your blessing to our fighting on both fronts.

Turkey calls for NATO meeting after airstrikes against ISIS, Kurdish rebels | Fox News

And just as they hoped, NATO is showing a willingness to look the other way on the bombing of kurds to get that support in the coalition against ISIL.