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Turkish defense budget


Dec 5, 2017
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Advance Defense
It is stated that TL 8 billion of an additional TL 28 billion supplementary bill aimed at collecting bag items is going to be used for the defense industry. This amount, which is approximately 2 billion dollars in 2018 value, is gore (only for TSK) to NATO target of 2 billion the defense industry, which needs to increase its dollar, is still a step in the beginning, although it does not allow us to catch this figure.

Domestic Operations

This increase will be used primarily to meet the increased defense and consumption expenditures in multiples expected from domestic and international operations. It is estimated that only Firat Kalkani Operation is approaching 1 billion dollars of additional operational cost. If we add the costs of internal security operations, this figure will not be considered enough even for these expenditures. It is also seen by all of us that these operations have not been completed yet.

New needs

On the other hand, TSK, Gendarmerie, EGM (National Police), MIT, Coast Guard Command, Security Guards are all our security forces; increased salary for staff, new weapons and equipment; renewal or modernization of inventories that are now beginning to recline; the new doctrines are focused on the new structure of building and equipment, which are being installed in the dormitory; ten collections are required for both current collections and future scholarship.

F-35 warplanes, modernization of our F-16s, helicopters, IHAs (UAVs), military satellites, communications satellites, billions of dollars of air defense systems, anti-tank missiles, thousands of armored vehicles, amphibious assault ships, corvettes and frigates, submarines, , again, their billions of dollars of ammunition is the most important of the systems and equipments that must first be brought up to date in 2023. Only about $ 50 billion, which is only counted and needs a part, can not be met with the purchase of equipment worth about 5-6 billion dollars on the ground.

New product development and localization

It is almost impossible for us to go ahead with what we have already learned in the following issues, which will be heard for the first time, but who will be the guild of our future, and that will enable our nation to play in the league of giants,

In the future air defense and even satellite flight projects will not be far away, such as Sapan, which will provide the independence of our countrys Electromagnetic Launch Systems.

In military use, ships and submarines will be used; in civilian use, ship and energy production will close a very significant pain in our plants; highly efficient, innovative power systems that use supercritical carbon dioxide, which is still in the research phase of the world.

Laser weapon systems for both air defense and offensive.

Insecure systems: air, land, water and underwater vehicles, zeppelins and whales. The drones are the most dangerous weapons ever. Artificial intelligence.

Electric or hybrid motors to lift off our addiction.

These types of projects, starting with financial demands that can be regarded as modestly different from foreign examples, are progressing slowly as expected, since there are no opportunities to provide both budget and technology support. Both master and tech supporters provide businesses with the opportunity to accelerate business.

The national war plane TF-X will only need to spend $ 8-10 billion for 6-8 years in the R & D phase.

Every expenditure on R & D will allow us to place more of a product and thus reduce product costs, and our critical dependency will decrease. We will develop services that are not in some other countries and will serve our country in a way that we can provide strategic advantage.

What should we be forever?

How long must we have our defense ball in total? In the analysis of the year 2016, it is estimated to be 21 billion dollars once more, then 37 billion dollars after 2021 with the increase in GDP.

As a result, we have to continue our efforts to further increase budeget , every time the increase is realized, it is used in the R & D for the protection of the lives of our security forces and then for the localization and the struggle.


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