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Turkish Remote-Controlled Weapon Systems


Dec 15, 2014
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12.7 mm STAMP Remote Controlled Stabilized Machine Gun System

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STAMP is a remotely operated stabilized weapon station for small caliber guns. STAMP can be fitted with either a 12.7 mm Machine Gun or a 12.7mm GA-19/A Gatling Gun or a 7.62 mm Machine Gun or a 40 mm Grenade Launcher.

STAMP configurations incorporate advanced features, such as remote operation, built-in electro-optic sensor system, day and night operation, automatic target tracking (detect, track and fire on the move) stabilized turret and ballistic computation.

The infrared and daylight TV cameras of the system enable detection and recognition of targets that would not be possible with naked eye. The system is capable of ballistic calculation and automatically tracking the targets and enabling a high hit probability by accurate firings.

STAMP System has a stabilized turret which enables the line-of-sight of the gun to be aimed at the target at all times. Due to the stabilization feature, the system can perform precise firings against stationary or moving targets while the platform is on-the-move.

System can be operated remotely by using the remote gun control unit and hence provides gunner protection against counter fire. System has additional features of defining firing zones both in azimuth and elevation.

STAMP System has a modular structure enabling easy installation on various naval platforms for the purpose of asymmetric warfare and coastal defense.

25 mm STOP Remote Controlled Stabilized Naval Gun System

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STOP is a new generation, cost-effective, medium caliber weapon system for naval platforms fitted with 25mm KBA or 25mm M242 Bushmaster Automatic Canon. The system provides lightweight, versatile and effective means of force protection for applications ranging from capital ships to patrol craft

STOP has exceptionally high hit and kill probability with an impressive firepower comprising of a two-axis stabilized turret containing an electro-optical sensor suite and fire-control software. STOP is capable of acquiring targets and engaging them autonomously either via the ship's Combat Management System or by use of own sensors The optical sensor suite of STOP provides enhanced situational awareness and the ability to identify threats day or night, in all weather conditions

The high accuracy of STOP is achieved by using sophisticated stabilization algorithms and powerful servo drive/control system in both traverse and elevation enabling precision engagement on the target and fire execution under the coordination of a state-of-the-art fire control computer

STOP can detect, identify, deter, engage and destroy threats with a versatile sensors-weapon combination situated on a fully stabilized turret that can be operated from a remote control console Latest technology fire control capability enables STOP to auto-track a moving target while the carrier platform is stationary or moving.
30 mm SMASH (MUHAFIZ) Remote Controlled Stabilized Naval Gun System


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SMASH is a remotely operated stabilized weapon station fitted with 30mm Mk44 Bushmaster-II Canon.

SMASH configurations incorporate advanced features as remote operation, built-in electro-optic sensor system for autonomous operation, day and night operation, stabilized turret, automatic target tracking (detect, track and fire on the move) and ballistic computation.

SMASH System has a stabilized turret which enables the line-of-sight of the gun to be aimed at the target at all times. Due to the stabilization feature, the system can perform precise firings against stationary or moving targets while the platform is on-the-move.

System can be operated remotely by using the remote gun control unit and hence provides gunner protection against counter fire. Besides, SMASH System is capable of firing 200 rounds per minute with its dual feed 30mm automatic cannon.

As opposed to fixed sight systems used on 12.7mm STAMP and 25mm STOP systems, SMASH incorporates a seperately stabilized electroptical suit which can move in elevation and azimuth axes relative to gun. This ensures effective firing at long distances by enabling line-of-sight stay on the target at all times, even during the firing where ballistic correction is applied to the gun. The separately stabilized electroptical sight also enables surveillance and target tracking without aiming the gun to the target.

SARP Stabilized Advanced Remote Weapon Platform

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ASELSAN SARP provides a perfect match for integration onto tactical vehicles, fixed surveillance posts, towers and critical infrastructures. Depending on the operational requirements, SARP can be equipped with 12.7mm machine gun, 40mm automatic grenade launcher or 7.62mm machine gun.

Through its extensive surveillance and remote control capabilities, SARP enhances situational awareness of the gunner in his proximity while the vulnerability to attacks is decreased drastically.
SARP incorporates advanced features as:
  • Fire-on-the-move capability
  • Day and night imaging
  • Automatic target tracking
  • Laser Range Finder for accurate ballistics
  • Last round warning
  • Manuel back-up
  • High ammunition storage capability
• 400 rounds (12.7mm)
• 1000 rounds for (7.62mm)
• 96 rounds (40mm)
  • Complies with MIL-STD-461E for EMI/EMC
  • Complies with MIL-STD-810F for environmental conditions
  • Low silhouette and lightweight
• Turret weight : <165kg (without ammunition, gun and armor)
• Under armour weight : <50kg
• Turret height : <70cm
  • Unlimited rotation in azimuth and -30° to +60° in elevation
  • Tracking speed
• Elevation : >60°/sn
• Azimuth : >60°/sn
  • Acceleration
• Elevation : >90°/sn2
• Azimuth : >90°/sn2
  • Integration interface for external sensors and command & control systems



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Pençe - FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş.

FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş. and ASELSAN has completed the first example of the CLAW Remote Controlled Turret (RCT) which has developed as a joint venture for the home and export markets. The ability to locate a weapon system almost entirely on top of a vehicle hull with virtually no intrusion to the hull can be a major advantage. These systems also enable the gunner to be located anywhere inside the hull providing additional flexibility. This approach led the way for the remote weapon stations and later to remote or unmanned turrets.

Remote or unmanned turrets are fairly new players in the arena of weapon systems as alternatives to conventional turrets and remote controlled weapon stations. They can be considered as a hybrid design combining the non-intrusion of remote weapon stations with armor protection and reachability of the conventional turrets.

Development of the CLAW RCT started in 2008 with the first example being completed in early 2011 and this was shown in public for the first time in May 2011. The project was internally funded by both companies.

The CLAW RCT is suitable for installation on a wide range of tracked and wheeled armoured fighting vehicles (AFV) as original equipment or to enhance the firepower of older platforms. The first example of the CLAWs RCT is armed with the RHEINMETALL Italy 25 mm KBA dual feed automatic cannon which is provided with 210 rounds of ready use 25x137 mm ammunition in two separate compartments for HE and AP. The empty cartridge cases and links are ejected outside of the turret for main and secondary armaments.

The 25 mm KBA cannon has a maximum cyclic rate of fire of 600 rounds/minute and the gunner can select single shot or burst modes of fire. A 7.62 mm MG3 machine gun (MG) is mounted
co-axial with the 25 mm KBA cannon on the right side of the CLAWs RCT and this is provided with 400 rounds of ready use ammunition. The gun is electromechanically cocked from the user interface within the hull.

A key feature of the CLAW (or Pençe in Turkey), is that ammunition for both of these weapons can be reloaded from within the platform under full armour protection.

Main Features
  • Modular weapon system
  • Remote controlled from inside the vehicle
  • 25 and 30 mm main armament options
  • Advanced fire control capability with independent sight system
  • Automatic target tracking
  • All around armor protection
  • Low silhouette
  • Ammunition loading and reloading under armor
  • Light weight
Sharpshooter™ One-Man Turret Systems

Sharpshooter One-Man Turret - FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş.

FNSS developed a one man turret family named Sharpshooter™. FNSS offers the One-Man Fully Stabilized Sharpshooter™ Turret in 3 configurations; 25 mm Bushmaster cannon, 40 mm automatic grenade launcher and 12,7 heavy machine gun. Each configuration has a 7.62 coaxial machine gun. Main features of the Sharpshooter™ Turret are; full shoot-on-the-move capability, wide variety mission capability, NATO standard, low cost, high survivability, defeats enemy AIFV’s, provides fire support to infantry squad , easily retrofitted to tracked and wheeled vehicles, light weight, use of wide variety of ammunition and weapon station drives and electronic boxes are arranged for easy access.

Fire Power:
    • 25 mm M242 Automatic Cannon (Bushmaster) Delivers Both Armor Piercing & High Explosive Fire with Extreme Accuracy.
    • Coaxially Mounted 7.62 mm Machine Gun.
Fire Control:
    • The All Electric Power Drive
    • System (with Manual Backup) Provides Smooth & Accurate Control of Guns & Sight.
    • Simplified Operation & Maintenance.
    • Customer Option Sight with Day/Night Capability.
    • Four Unity Periscopes For Side & Frontal Vision.
    • Fire-on-the Move Capability is Available with a Stabilization System.
Balistic Protection:
    • 14.5 mm Armor Protection with Minimum Weight by Optimal Use of the Latest Armor Materials & Spaced Laminate Armor System.
Reliability and Maintainability:
    • The 25 mm M242 Automatic Cannon Exhibited High Reliability & Effectiveness During the Test by the U.S. Army.
    • Full Shoot-On-The-Move Capability
    • Provides Fire Support to Infantry Squad
    • Wide Variety Mission Capability
    • High Survivability
    • NATO Standard
    • Low Cost
    • Defeats Enemy AIFV’s
    • Easily Retrofitted to Tracked and Wheeled Vehicles
    • Light Weight
    • Use Of Wide Variety of Ammunition
    • Weapon Station Drives And Electronic Boxes Are
    • Arranged For Easy Access
Sharpshooter Specifications

Primary Armament
25 mm M242 (Dual Feed Automatic Cannon)
Ready Rounds: 180
Rate of Fire: 200 ± 25 rds/min Controlled Burst & Single Shot

Secondary Armament
Type :
7.62 mm (Coaxial MG)
Ready Rounds : 600

Gun / Turret Drive System
Type :
Electric Drive With Two Axis Stabilization
Traverse : 360° Continuous with Manual Back-up
Elevation : +48° to -8° with Manual Back-up
Rate : >58°/sec Traverse & Elevation
Tracking Rate : 0,5 mil/sec
Deck Clearance : Automatic & Programmable

Gunner's Sight System
Primary Sight :
Day/night Image Intensification or Thermal with Laser Range Finder (Optional)
Secondary Sight : Two M27 Unity Vision Periscopes

Dimensions & Weight Turret Weight : 1.700 kg (Combat Loaded)
Ring Gear Diameter : 1 m
Swing Radius w/weapon : 2,600 mmi
Width : 1,740 mm
Height Above Mounting Surface : 950 mm

Ballistic Protection
STANAG 4569 Level 4
: Standart

Smoke Screening
Grenade Launchers
: 8x76 mm


KESKIN, state-of-the-art remote controlled weapon station, enables target engagement under the protection of the host vehicle.

KESKIN RCWS is a combat proven, lightweight and modular weapon system designed and produced for tracked and wheeled vehicles. KESKIN RCWS is suitable for 7.62 mm GMPG, 12.7 mm HMG or 40 mm AGL and has an optical suite composed of thermal sight, day sight providing 360º situational awareness and laser range finder.




Üçok stabılızed machıne gun platform utılızes 12.7mm/7.62mm machıne gun or 40mm automatıc grenade launcher on the same platform. The weapon statıon has dual axes ındependantly drıven sıght whıch accomodates a dual fov thermal camera, a ccd camera and a laser range fınder. Independant drıven sıght allows the aımıng retıcle stay on the target even the super-elevatıon and lead angles are gıven to the weapon for accurate fırıng.



Başok-rcws, ıs a stabılızed weapon statıon wıth 7.62mm machıne gun whıch ıs desıgned for armoured fıghtıng vehıcles. The system ıs utılızed wıth ccd day camera and optıonal thermal camera.





Bozok 12.7 MKT one man manual closed turret ıs desıgned to operate wıth 12.7mm / 7.62mm machıne gun or 40mm automatıc grenade launcher. The turret has day and nıght (thermal&ccd) dıgıtal gunner sıght system havıng a multı-functıon gunner dısplay unıt. gun functıons are controlled by a dıgıtal gun control unıt.



Bozok 25 MKT one man electrıcal drıven stabılızed closed turret ıs desıgned to operate wıth 25mm dual feed automatıc cannon. Turret has hıgh performance electrıcal turret/gun drıve and stabılızatıon system. The turret ıs utılızed wıth gunner’s dıgıtal day and nıght (thermal) perıscope system.



Mızrak-30 ıs an unmanned turret system whıch ıs desıgned for armored fıghtıng vehıcles. ıt ıs controlled by a gunner and a commander seated ınsıde the vehıcle under armor. Armour pıercıng, hıgh explosıve and all other types of ammunutıon avaılable for the cannon can be fıred. abm munıtıon fırıng capabılıty ıs also an optıon. Mızrak-30 has the latest generatıon dıgıtal fıre control system archıtecture havıng dual-axes ındependently stabılızed commander and gunner sıghts utılızed wıth hıghest performance cooled thermal camera, ccd camera and laser range fınder as the payload and target trackıng functıon.



Remote Controlled Surveillance & Weapon Station

ROBOGUARD, is a stationary weapon station system that can replace sentries patrolling or watching in guard boxes outside of military outposts or bunkers in order to protect them against first striking surprise fires. It might be possibly defined as a robotic sentry.

ROBOGUARD is a active defense and surveillance system that has a 7.62 mm PKMS machine gun (primary) and 7.62 mm AK-47 rifle. Platform has 350 degrees pan, 75 degrees tilt motion capabilities. Sensor system is consisting of a thermal camera, EO camera with lens and a Laser Range Finder. Weapon station is controlled by remote operator station via cable or wireless (optional). Operator can control the system with a grip manually or system can perform surveillance activities using pre-defined patterns. It can detect motions; can track the selected target and fire.

  • Motion detection, target tracking
  • Completely remote operations with orwithout cable
  • Surveillance operations, (predefined symmetric or asymmetric patterns)
  • Awareness of displacement of any captured image
  • Vision fusion (both cam images processed and displayed simultaneously)
  • Fog filtering ability
  • Ignoring wind-and snow effects
  • Dual weaponry system, shock absorption system
  • Ammo counter
  • Laser range finder
  • Automatic reticle correction depending on range data
  • Userfriendly man-machine interface
  • Replay detected motion on thumbnails
  • Weapon 7,62 mm machine gun and 7,62 mm rifle together on board
  • Ammo 500 ea
  • Standard Cams Electro-optic cam with 12X Lens (f:8-96mm)
  • Thermal Cam with f:50mm
  • Optional Cams Focal lengths flexible to customer requirements
  • Standard LRF 905nm eyesafe, 20-2,500 meter, ±1 meter
  • Temperature -40°C / +55°C
  • Weight 85 kg (without ammo and weapons)
  • Overall Height 84 cm(without weapons)
  • Turret Height 53 cm(without weapons)
  • Body Sand-, dust-, waterproofed(MIL-STD-810 compliant)
  • Dynamic Cap. +55°/ -20°tilt, 350°pan angles @60°/s nominal (120°/s optional)


STAMP-G on Yonca-Onuk MRTP Boat...



Dec 27, 2014
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ASELSAN SARP provides a perfect match for integration onto tactical vehicles, fixed surveillance posts, towers and critical infrastructures. Depending on the operational requirements, SARP can be equipped with 12.7mm machine gun, 40mm automatic grenade launcher or 7.62mm machine gun.

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