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US companies push the White House to transfer nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia


Nov 27, 2014
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Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
US companies push the White House to transfer nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia

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The report on the transfer of US nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia was released on Monday, July 29, 2019. The report is based on more than 60,000 pages of new documents obtained by the Oversight and Reform Commission Transfer of nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia "since its first report in February 2019,

The new congressional report showed US interest companies had received approval from the White House in a bid to reduce restrictions on the transfer of sensitive nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia.

The report is a 50-page report with a lot of points, points that actually fall within the bipartisan circle of rivalry and rivalry between the Republican and Democratic parties, especially as the new presidential election season approaches and their frantic rivalry to topple each other's party,

But what matters to us is that Saudi Arabia is working hard to obtain US nuclear technology and that US companies are helping it to acquire US nuclear technology. The new report of the House Oversight Committee revealed the ability of private companies and Trump allies of associated American figures By using their influence to enhance their financial interests in Riyadh.

The new House report focuses on how a group of private companies, including the IP3 group, a private company, described as one of the nuclear weapons industry, commonly known as the Theranos of Nuclear Industry, Trump to help overcome obstacles to the transfer of US nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia.

The report claims that "with regard to Saudi Arabia, Trump's administration has effectively defied the lines that usually separate government policy from the interests of foreign companies [ie, Saudi foreigners]." The report also states that "the documents illustrate the administration's desire to allow private companies and associate individuals with whom they have relations Close to President Trump by using great influence on US policy toward Saudi Arabia. "

The report, the second to be released on this issue since February 2019, was based on a review of 60,000 documents detailing how IP3 Group pressed Trump to reduce its standards for any future nuclear deal with Saudi Arabia. Such an agreement usually requires the other country to agree to a "golden standard" that would prevent the threat of nuclear proliferation, something the Saudis have already rejected, the report says.

IP3 Group, assembled from companies that want to build nuclear reactors in Saudi Arabia, is dissatisfied with the "golden barrier" that hinders their plans to build reactors in Saudi Arabia and raised their case To the top levels of the Trump team. According to the report, IP3 officials were given "unprecedented access" to Trump, and officials met directly with: President Donald Trump, Jared Kouchner, Gary Cohen, K. MacFarland, Cabinet Ministers Rick Perry, Stephen Menuchin, Mike Pompio, Rex Tilerson, James Matisse, and Wilber Ross. The report claims that "this access demonstrates that the promises made by high-level government officials to support IP3's efforts with Saudi officials have reached the highest level of approval for the transfer of US nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia."

According to the report, Trump is currently in talks with Riyadh to conclude the 123 agreement, the first step in the exchange of civilian nuclear technology. The United Arab Emirates, neighbor and ally of Saudi Arabia, concluded a similar agreement in 2009, accepting the additional provision known as the "gold standard" in which it renounced the "right to enrichment".
But for Saudi Arabia, IP3 has publicly pressed for the removal of the "gold standard" as a condition for a US-Saudi nuclear deal, arguing that the Saudis would not accept it and their rivals Russia and China would make gains.
The company's apparent arrival into the Trump administration seems to have angered the Congressional Oversight and Reform Commission.

"The documents indicate that the IP3 Group is currently pushing Trump to not ask Saudi Arabia to agree to the Gold Standard, and the Gold Standard is a necessary commitment not to use US nuclear technology to build nuclear weapons, but there are serious claims from Before these companies and the Trump team raised the "golden standard" for Saudi Arabia.

The Board of the Oversight and Reform Commission, released on Monday, 29 July 2019, stated that Trump's friend, Chairman of the Presidential Opening Committee and CEO of Colony Capital Inc. Thomas [Tom] Barak, benefited from his domestic position to defend "foreign interests" Foreign "Saudi interests", even while his own company was benefiting from a partnership with the IP3 leading company.

Thomas, or Tom Barak, a prominent figure in the House of Representatives, an old Trump ally and president of Trump's presidential inauguration, claims that he was trying to seek a position in the administration at the same time as he was promoting the interests of US companies seeking to take advantage of technology transfer (Ii) advocating on behalf of foreign interests (Saudi interests) seeking such US nuclear technology; (iii) taking steps for his own company, Colony Capital Inc, to take advantage of the same proposals he had made with the administration.
The report also claims that former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who served as an adviser to the IP3 group. In 2016, he played a role, and the report claims that Flynn told business partners of upcoming interactions with key officials in Russia and the Persian Gulf - including Vladimir Putin - and "offered to use these contacts to advance the business interests of the IP3 group."

The report reviews a range of e-mail messages for a number of personalities and business people, whose content is that the US administration works closely with the business community to improve trade opportunities and business opportunities. In one e-mail, Tom Barak speaks in a push for a partnership between IP3 and Colony Capital Inc, and that this partnership will produce benefits for the US nuclear sector and be revived if Westinghouse is acquired and used as a way to build 16 needed nuclear plants. in KSA.

From the e-mails, the response received from IP3 received the green light for the company's campaign to buy Westinghouse funded by the Saudi Crown Prince's Public Investment Fund, as well as a close working relationship with the Trump administration from the moment he took office.
The report claims that work has been going on since the first day of President Trump's arrival, and in an email to Mike Hewitt, CEO of Iron Bridge Group in November 2016, says to IP3 Group: "While we are keen not to progress to the new management "Our program has been put on the agenda of their policy.

According to the commission's report, the Trump administration refused to cooperate with the investigation. However, what is under investigation by the House of Representatives is the possibility of bypassing corporate interests to US law, paving the way for Saudi Arabia to acquire a nuclear weapon.

A spokesman for Tom Barak was quoted as saying that he was fully cooperating with the committee.

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