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Video of new Russian «Derivation» Infantry Fighting Vehicle test


Dec 5, 2014
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Video of new Russian «Derivation» Infantry Fighting Vehicle test. The Derivation is a modified version of the BMP-3 armored vehicle equipped with an unmanned turret and a 57 automatic cannon, basically a derivative of the AU-220M unmanned turret. The BMP-3 Derivation is intended to provide increase firepower to armored units of the Russian Army and export customers worldwide. The Derivation was unveiled at the Russian Arms Expo (RAE) exhibition on September 9, 2015. According to military experts, the AU-220M can be installed on BMP-3 Derivation. AW-220M has a perfect fire control system (FCS), which includes a combined sighting system with TV and IR channels, laser range finders and independent 2-planar stabilization of the visual field. With MSA possible effective detection and identification of targets, guidance on their 57-mm automatic cannon and 7.62 mm machine guns firing from both places, and while driving, as well as to overcome water obstacles. Automatic 57 mm gun has a maximum rate of fire of 120 rds. / Min. Ammunition – 200 shots. Maximum firing range – up to 12 km. The ammunition includes armor-piercing, high-explosive, as well as the latest guided missiles, which further increase the already high accuracy. With gun paired machine gun 7.62 mm. His ammunition was 2,000 rounds. The module rotates 360 degrees. Capable of striking targets in the vertical: from minus 5 to plus 75 degrees.

Video of new Russian «Derivation» Infantry Fighting Vehicle test | Defence blog