Yemen defense industry to launch Jalal 3 APC 4x4 armoured personnel carrier


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Nov 27, 2014
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
Yemen defense industry to launch Jalal 3 APC 4x4 armoured personnel carrier.
Since many years, Yemen defense industry has launched the development of a local-made wheeled armoured personnel carrier named Jalal. Recently, the latest version was unveiled under the name of Jalal 3. The Jalal 3 is a light 4x4 armoured vehicle personnel carrier which offers good protection with high off-road capability.


New Yemen-made Jalal 3 APC 4x4 armoured personnel carrier

The Jalal 3 was especially designed to be used for land and urban combat operations. The vehicle is a cost effective solution and reliable platform for a troop carrier.

It can be fitted with a light turret very similar to the Soviet-made BRDM-2 reconnaissance 4x4 armoured vehicle which can be armed with a machine gun up to 12.7 mm caliber.

The vehicle can be also fitted with an open-top turret with 360° armour protection and small bullet proof windows on each side.

The first vehicle was built in 2012 and named by its inventor Hassan Bin Jalal. According to some internet sources, other variants of the vehicle, "Jalal 4" and "Jala 5" are currently under development. These new versions will be fitted with new anti-tank rocket armour kits.


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