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Zumwalt-Class Destroyer


Dec 5, 2014
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The Zumwalt-class destroyers are America’s next generation combat ships.

The first in a class of three revolutionary U.S. Navy vessels, known as the DDG 1000, was underway for the first time conducting at-sea tests and trials in December 2015.

Cutting-edge technologies enable the DDG 1000’s advanced capabilities, provide the ship’s unmatched versatility and dramatically reduce manning requirements.

The Zumwalt-class destroyers feature Raytheon technologies and equipment that will benefit the Navy for years to come, most notably the:

  • Total Ship Computing Environment – a single, encrypted network that controls all shipboard computing applications, ranging from the ship’s lights and machinery control to its radars and weapon systems. The TSCE's sailor-centric interface and high degree of automation allow the ship to run more effectively and efficiently.
  • Electronic Modular Enclosures – a shipbuilding innovation that packages more than 235 individual electronics cabinets into ready-to-install, “ruggedized” units for easy integration, maintenance and upgrades. Each ship carries 16 EMEs.
  • Integrated Undersea Warfare System – two sonar arrays (high and medium frequencies) in one automated, hull-mounted system designed to protect the ship from enemy mines, submarines and torpedoes. Using sophisticated algorithms, the sonar better enables Zumwalt destroyers to detect, engage and defeat an enemy threat.
  • MK57 Vertical Launching System – a state-of-the-art weapon launcher designed to fire missiles for sea, land and air attacks. The MK57’s modular electronic-architecture allow Zumwalt destroyers to quickly transition to new missiles systems by minimizing the need to re-qualify their launchers. The MK57 launchers are contained and protected by the Peripheral Vertical Launch System*. The PVLS’ design and positioning make the launchers – and missiles – resistant to battle damage and safely isolates them from the crew and shipboard equipment.
Additional significant capabilities and features include the:

  • Advanced Gun System* – each ship carries two 155 mm guns capable of firing long-range projectiles that can strike a target from a distance of 63 nautical miles.
  • Integrated Power System* – often called an "all-electric" ship, the quiet and economical design of the destroyers' power system generates 100 percent of the energy needed for each vessel's propulsion, electronics and weapons systems. While steaming at 20 knots, the system provides 58 MW of reserved power, allowing for inherent flexibility and ample energy to support future technologies.
Raytheon serves as the prime mission systems equipment integrator for all electronic and combat systems for the program.

Working with the Navy and a team of industry leaders, the company is bringing the Navy's ship requirements to life.

* Systems provided by other DDG 1000 program prime contractors.