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  1. Counter-Errorist

    PAF Acquisitions (2020)

    JF-17 THUNDER BLOCK 3 Manufacturer PAC / CAC Condition New Quantity N/A Status Tentative Price N/A Engine RD93 / RD93MA Radar KLJ-7A AESA Armaments N/A F-16 VIPER Block 70 Manufacturer Lockheed Martin Condition New Quantity 36-40 Status Tentative Price N/A...
  2. Scorpio

    Russia is developing a new attack aircraft to compete with F-16

    Yakovlev Design Bureau recently began work on an attack aircraft based on the Yak-130, learned BulgarianMilitary.com citing news agency politros. According to the company sources the new attack aircraft will seriously compete with the improved American F-16. In terms of a number of...
  3. F16 Blk60

    F16 Blk60

    Rare pic of an F16 Blk60 with IRST open
  4. TomCat

    UAE F-35 possible acquisition

    The United States is reportedly considering providing the F-35 fifth generation light fighter to an Arab ‘Gulf country’ following Turkey’s eviction from the weapons program, according to a report from Turkish media citing ‘reliable Western defence sources.’ While the Turkish Air Force was...