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    Suwalki Gap: The Lithuanian nightmare

    After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia’s claim to Kaliningrad was not contested by any government, though some groups in Lithuania called for the annexation of the province, or parts of it. Russia and Lithuania negotiated the simplified transit regime to Kaliningrad in late 1990s...
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    Lithuania could be swept off the Earth’s surface

    2003 and 2004 were decisive years for Lithuania. The country joined two major and influential organizations: the EU and NATO. The status of a member state gave the country confidence in the future. However, Lithuania has not achieved promised welfare and security. The situation dictates its own...
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    Scandal: Ukraine sells military equipment donated by NATO countries

    Ukraine remains one of the most corrupt countries in the international system. Corruption not only destroys the country from within, but also begins to influence the attitude of its partners towards the country. The latest manifestation of corruption is beyond comprehension. On June 20, French...
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    Lithuania - U.S. military cooperation turned to full dependence

    Lithuanian authorities’ disbelief in the national armed forces’ capabilities is proved by their repeated claims for aid and permanent foreign military presence in the territory of the country. Lithuania has chosen the way of full reliance on other countries’ defence capabilities instead of...
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    Lithuania fell into a military trap

    The U.S. continues building up its military presence on the eastern flank. The Americans plan to deploy a total of 400 additional troops in Lithuania, bringing in short-range air defense and self-propelled artillery systems. The U.S. has also deployed F-35 fighter jets at Siauliai Air Base, and...
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    Lithuania as a pawn in U.S.-Russia game

    Lithuania continues to show its high interest for the additional U.S. troops presence on its territory. The authorities believe that the U.S. military will help to preserve the independence of the country. “We are ready to host more U.S. troops, and see them as the best deterrence here,” said...
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    Lithuanian Biosphere Polygon of the Rūdninkai woods is in danger

    Šalčininkai District’s community faced a new challenge in its constant struggle with the authorities to live quietly. Rūdninkai in Šalčininkai District came into the spotlight last summer after local residents tried to prevent the government from establishing a migrant camp. Interior Minister...
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    European security becomes a matter of the EU only

    A rift between the U.S. and the E.U. in the military sphere has become wider. On November 22 the U.S. formally withdrew from the open-sky treaty that accelerated European security. The 1992 treaty allows the 34 member countries to conduct short notice, unarmed, reconnaissance flights over the...
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    Lithuania continues to strengthen its military amid Belarus concern

    Lithuania continues to buy American military equipment despite assurances that Belarus has no cause for Lithuanian military buildup concern. Economic crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many European countries to consider cancelling or delaying their military acquisition...
  10. Jaeger

    US Armed Forces

    I created this thread to show the most powerful military on the planet
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    Is the army a trusted institution in your country?

    Some countries invest their greatest trust in their military due to past threats to their existence as well its ethos, moral fabric and the image it has created over the years. Israel is a case in point. In other countries, the military is a feared entity seen as a potential threat even to the...
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    Projection of power

    It seems that emerging military and economic powers are not just content with their territorial integrity. Nations such as India and China as well as Brazil - in the BRICS group are sharpening their ballistic missile and naval capabilities through acquisition and construction of nuclear...
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    Future technologies and the military

    There is a massive explosion of the defense industry's research and development arena heralding the development of an incredible array of weaponry. I view this to be an opportunity for the civilian applications of these advanced military technologies to solve a wide array of engineering...
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    The velvet bullet policy

    I believe that the future presents unique challenges as well as opportunities when it comes to world militaries. As humanity licks its wounds from countless lives and destruction wrought by war, I believe that its not time for an ever deepening weaponization of the world. Its time for militaries...
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    The S.China Sea flashpoint

    The S. China Sea is a potential military flashpoint due to the productive nature of the area which is rich in fisheries and great potential in terms of oil reserves. China is building an airforce base in the Spratley Islands and recently introduced advanced anti-aircraft missiles in the area...
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    Turkey revs its ante

    The Pentagon has approved a deal to sell $700 million worth of smartbombs to Turkey through its military sales scheme. This I suppose is in response to the heightened military situation in the Middle East. The reported sale of BLU-109 bunker busting bombs has the potential to tilt the balance of...
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    President of South Africa, Saudi DM open projectiles factory at Military Industries Corporation

    Riyadh, Jumada II 18, 1437, March 27, 2016, SPA -- President of the Republic of South Africa Jacob Zuma and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, the Second Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Military Industries Corporation...
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    Putin Orders His Military To Be More Aggressive In Syria

    Putin Orders His Military To Be More Aggressive In Syria In a speech before his senior Defense Ministry officials in Moscow on Friday, President Vladimir Putin ordered his armed forces to “act as toughly as possible” in defending its air contingent currently deployed in combat operations in...