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BIDEC 2019 Bahrain Defense Exhibition concluded

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Bahrain International Defense Exhibition and Conference (BIDEC 2019) concluded its second edition under the patronage of Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

More than 200 companies in the military and defense industries from 25 countries, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE and the United States, participated in the 3-day exhibition at the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Center.

The exhibition and conference witnessed the participation of 15 Emirati companies and institutions, amid high praise for the UAE’s efforts in the localization of military technology, and the development of its industry, which has become competitive with global industries.

In conjunction with the exhibition, the Middle East Military Technology Conference was held on Tuesday and Wednesday and discussed the future of military technology and military industries in the Middle East.

The conference also discussed cyber defense strategies and the impact of artificial intelligence on the functions of regular armies, as well as the use of technology to develop simulations of war, and its impact on regional conflicts.

Both the exhibition and the conference formed a partnership between military technologies and strategic thinking to address the challenges and threats facing the region, especially the Iranian threats to the security of international navigation, Tehran’s sponsorship of terrorism and the supply of advanced military technology to terrorist groups such as the Houthi militias.

Participants in the exhibition and conference warned against the fall of technology in the hands of terrorist groups and rogue states financed by them and work to protect the security of energy and international sea lanes and the use of technology to achieve this goal.

The exhibition is gaining importance in light of the challenges and security threats taking place in the region and the world, which makes it an international platform that contributes to supporting international joint efforts in the maintenance of international peace and security, through the transfer of expertise and localization of the latest security and military technologies in the fight against terrorism and extremist organizations and combating cybercrime and ensure the safety of corridors Marine and energy supply security for the global economy.

The exhibition was an advanced global platform to showcase the latest technological developments and military systems in the advanced defense industry “land, air, and sea”.

The conference is also a platform for exchanging ideas and discussing the strategic visions of military and political thinkers and decision-makers in the region and the world that contribute to the assessment of all regional threats, and discover the defense and security potential that military industries can offer to address these threats and challenges.

On the sidelines of the exhibition, official meetings and meetings were held that provided an opportunity to strengthen bilateral relations between the participating countries in the military, defense and security fields for further prosperity, growth and stability, exchange of views and military experiences and consultation on the latest regional and international security developments.

Secure navigation and counter-terrorism

The issue of securing international navigation, maintaining energy security and warning of the technology falling into the hands of terrorist groups and their financiers have been the focus of the speeches of the participants in the Middle East Military Technology Conference.

Participants in the first session of the conference, entitled “Global Perspective on Military Technology”, yesterday joined the participants in the opening session, calling for intensifying regional partnerships for information exchange and protecting advanced technology from falling into the hands of terrorists.

Regarding international maritime security, Admiral James Malloy, commander of the US Naval Forces Central Command, Commander of the US Fifth Fleet, stressed that maritime security is extremely important for the region and global trade.

He stressed the importance of US partners in the region to benefit from all smart and sophisticated means to enhance security and stability in the territorial waters.

Referring to recent attacks on Saudi oil installations last month, Malloy said: “These attacks are unacceptable at all.”

He stressed the need for States to be ready to face threats and make the most of the revision of military-technical information and knowledge.

The second session, entitled Cyber ​​Defense Strategies, dealt with the effects of military technology on current cyber defense strategies.

She reviewed the experiences of countries and defense institutions by focusing on the importance of cybersecurity in the light of the modern communications revolution, the strategies of major countries in the field of cyber defense and the lessons learned, and the role of regional and international cooperation in the field of cybersecurity.

The third session was entitled “Effects of Developments in Artificial Intelligence on the Armed Forces” and discussed “Developments in the Field of Artificial Intelligence and its Current and Future Effects on the Armed Forces”.

It also reviewed the experiences of several countries in this area by focusing on “the most prominent advantages of developments and advances in the field of artificial intelligence, military applications of artificial intelligence, and the effects of artificial intelligence on future wars.”

Many countries have showcased their top-notch defense equipment including the United States, India, Jordan, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

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