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Pakistan to buy 36 latest Su-35’s – WDF Exclusive!

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[B][SIZE=5]Pakistan to buy 36 latest Su-35’s – WDF Exclusive![/SIZE][/B]
03 Sept 2019

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There has been news of Pakistan being interested in buying Su-35’s. [I][SIZE=2]See link below[/SIZE][/I]

Yesterday The PM of Pakistan, Mr.Imran Khan visited Pakistan Air Force’s HQ. There he met with all the top PAF sector commanders.

The PM was accompanied by a high level delegation including the Foreign Minister, Defence Minister, Advisor on Finance, and Minister for Defence Production among others.

Procurement of +/-36 Su-35’s from Russia was approved subject to mutually acceptable terms and conditions.

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[URL unfurl=”true”]https://ispr.gov.pk/press-release-detail.php?id=5415[/URL]

[URL unfurl=”true”]https://propakistani.pk/2018/04/10/pakistan-to-acquire-su-35-fighter-jets-t-90-tanks-and-air-defense-systems-from-russia/[/URL]

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