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Erdogan and the beginning of the fall!

by World Defense
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Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has received a violent political slap that means much, not only for Erdogan’s political future, but for the whole Turkish recognition of his policies since his attempts to take Islam as justification for oppression, corruption and corruption, and to attack anyone who disagrees with him. To awaken the old Ottoman imperial feeling in Turkish man, which was reflected in his gestures for and without reason for the Turkish Empire, which once said it extends from Central Asia to Swakin in the Red Sea. This big illusion of power, and the unjustified feeling of inflation and swelling, fell after the slap of April 1, and seemed to people, and perhaps it is like what (April Fool) !!

Last Monday was a historic and pivotal day in which the cadres of the AKP lost their premiership in all major Turkish cities, notably Ankara, the capital and Istanbul, while the majority of the votes were in the countryside and the periphery, where the simple rural man, lacking the civilized and elitist level that he finds I have a city man.

The importance of the victory of the opponents of Erdogan lies in that this victory gave them confidence in themselves, and that the face of Erdogan, and the siege of his game on the demagogic slogans can only be achieved by the Union and the party bloc against him. In addition to the defeat of Erdogan’s party is as many analysts say the beginning of the end of his party, Personally in the end.

Erdogan’s party after this slap is expected to face significant challenges not exposed to within the party over the years that have passed. As one specialist says, many party members see Erdogan as exaggerating and overstepping the boundaries of objectivity and rationality and insinuating himself and thus Turkey in multi- Which is reflected negatively and sharply on the internal economic situation, and all analysts agree that economic inflation, which amounted to more than twenty percent annually, and high unemployment to the rate of 19 percent among the Turks, in addition to the loss of the Turkish lira, equivalent to one-third of its value Against the US dollar, are all fundamental factors Tzafart and made the economy in a Mzari, which was probably the first reason that his party’s candidates are losing the municipalities of major cities in Turkey, where the human voice of rational civilized and educated, who is not deceived by the mob, and to address the emotions of the common folk.

In any case, I was expecting the fall of Erdogan, because populism and the gambling on the mobs and publics such as the soap bubble, only to explode and then fade, this after the arrogance itself and arrogance vanity, and act with a bandit Sultans Bani Osman, who seem obsessed with tracking their effects, After his victory over the failed coup attempt, and his turn to the Turkish regime from being a parliamentary system to a presidential system, it has become (the Sultan), which does not make him dust, and does not disobey him, and do not degenerate banner, as the sultans of the Ottomans do, both in his dealings with countries The region or the world’s major countries, including the United States Wyatt United States of America and also Europe. The ant, when enveloped in vanity and covered by pseudo-falsehood, fantasizes that wings and claws have sprouted to it. It is treated like the eagles deal with, as the Greek legend says, the reality of Erdogan’s current situation until April slapped his false vanity and imaginary outburst.

Erdogan, as they say, acknowledged the imbalance, and promised to reform it. However, the many fronts that he opened on himself and his country are multifaceted, complicated and time-consuming, in addition to restoring the confidence he lost in his reckless and foolish behavior. Four years, and certainly not enough time to fix this big imbalance. In addition, he began to talk about the harbingers that are beginning to loom on the horizon of the intention of some who disagree with him in the trends of dissent from him, and distance themselves from the (fall), which seemed clear to wait for him, after These elections, also can not talk about leadership Rdogan, and go beyond the ruling party’s rampant corruption and financial institutions, particularly the corruption of his son Bilal, who became the richness of illegal on every tongue when the Turks, all these factors make Turkey on the verge of a new stage will certainly be the first victims of this fake peacock.

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