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ISIS to the inevitable end

by World Defense
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The “state of empowerment” has ended geographically, as do all extremist organizations, whether local or transnational, while the “propitious idea” breathes amidst the paths of the prospect of a return, not defeated by despair and thwarted by fate that ended its myth during five years of war The international coalition and the local forces against it. Empowering is a dream that can not be ignored when trying to understand a “preacher”.

US President Donald Trump’s declaration of “March 22, 2019” raises a question about former Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi’s announcement on December 9, 2017, that the organization would be “wiped off its territory” , Despite the declaration of Abadi and the subsequent declaration of Tramb, but we did not “see” the head of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, nicknamed “da’ash” caliphate, which reminds us of the US war against the organization of the jihad in Afghanistan, which lasted about 10 years to be announced later in 2011 The killing of the leader of the organization Osama bin Laden, which casts doubt on the entire declaration and reduces the Gm win, especially since «Qaeda» continues to operate, although less strongly and still controls the places in Afghanistan.

In the last enclave of the city of Al-Bagouz, northeast of Syria, the Iraqi Anbar Desert and the Syrian city of Idlib, dozens of fortified tunnels, rock caves, roads and barricades have been placed by the extremist “organization” to shelter them from the air strikes of the International Alliance, as well as the spread of its wolves, Iraq or the return of a large part of them to the European capitals that descended from them, which makes the risk of «urging» is still pending.

The war lasted five years after the organization announced its establishment on June 29, 2014, a long period of time that would be paid by the world, which slowed down in the face of it, in a way that made it expand and prepare itself for this moment. The number of alternatives waiting for the moment of confrontation The imagination was much broader than those who tried to confront it.

It is not possible to eliminate the «Da’ash» through the security and military confrontation, and we can not limit them to a number of air strikes and a limited number of aerial landing of some of the forces, while leaving the ground battle for local forces only, and the images of this confrontation surprised by the transfer of hundreds of fighters of the extremist Through trucks to unknown places, and here the organization succeeded in moving its fighters, but in disguise to places we do not know, and these are we call them wolves single or aggregated, and the number of these thousands, and represent a threat threatening to return «Refers» again.

Neither the international forces nor the local forces control the land until the declaration of the elimination of a “preacher” is declared, while the “advocate” is still capable of recruiting and spreading his ideas eastward and west without being seen by anyone, thus making it difficult to confront this invisible enemy. The security and military confrontation only, but must take the intellectual dimension until the complete elimination of the embryonic seed of extremism, which represents the core of «urging», without it can not be declared the end of «da’ash» completely.

The fate of a “preacher” and an end are linked to the international awareness and will to deal with the phenomenon of terrorism and extremism in the world. First, it is essential not to distinguish between the terrorism of an extremist group and the terror of another extremist group. The international community must be precise and willing to confront the phenomenon of terrorism and extremism And all the countries of the world must realize that the threat of terrorism is one and threatens the whole world. What happens in Egypt is reflected in the security situation in Europe and vice versa, and here the confrontation must be one and comprehensive until the results are achieved. Desired.

A number of countries of the world have experienced confrontations against extremist organizations and have committed a fundamental two-pronged error: they have produced the environment that produced this terrorism once again. The second mistake is that it has played its role in the security and military confrontation. Despite the arrival of the most extreme “organization” of its fate, which was postponed throughout its years of existence, but it reached the inevitable end, and we hope that the end is sealed by the decision not to return again.

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